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What is Pomade and What Are Its Benefits?

When a man wants to look good, then he makes sure that his hair looks good. Today, you can find many hair styling products for men out in the market since men have already found interest in styling their hairs. You can be confused as to what product is best for your hair with all the gels, pomades, waxes now available in the market. You should choose the best mens hair product for your hair if hair styling is important to you.

Pomade was hair grease during the ‘50s. Pomade gave a man a slick combed back look. The pomade weighs his hair down. Before, pomade was not actually good for the hair. This is because petroleum jelly was the main ingredient of pomade. Moisture does not reach the hair if you put pomade on it. Because of this your hair shaft will get damaged. It also made it difficult to wash out with shampoo because it was very thick and heavy. But despite this, pomade was still popular since it can help you to fix your hair well, and gives it the wet look.

Today, it is no longer petroleum jelly that pomades are made of. It is easier to wash out pomade today. Pomades are now made of natural oils and lighter ingredients. Pomades of today are still like the pomades before in that It lasts long and the hold is strong. Pomades now don’t cause damage to your hair. You can find in the market, different kinds of pomades. There are vegan and organic pomades you can purchase in the market. Learn more about hairs at

Pomades have superior strength that can hold your hair in place. It is ideal for styling curly or hair that is out of control. Men who put on pomade gives their hair a stunning shine and a wet look. This is because pomade contains all-natural ingredients like castor, coconut, and olive oils.

Pomade at can lock additional moisture in your hair, although it is not a moisturizer. Moisture in your hair can be kept for long periods of time if you apply pomade on wet hair or over a moisturizer. Some pomades even promote hair growth. Sulfur is an ingredient in pomade which makes your hair grow healthy and strong. Hairsprays that destroy the environment becomes useless with pomade.

You cannot compare pomade and hair gel. Although both are good for the hair, they are good for different hairstyles. Both have their own characteristics.

It is only on curly or out of control hair that pomade is used. The hold of pomade is strong but it allows you to move your hair freely. Pomade makes your hair look shiny.

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